Logo design for sound label company




Emotive sounds

Emotive Sounds is a sound label company that plays very motion, movement and expressive electronic music. The main idea behind the logo was taking keywords such as “Movement”, “Modern”, “Emotion”, “Simple”, “Expressive” and trying to combine them together. I wanted to make the brand in a movement and bring dynamic elements combined the business area. I was also thinking about the logo in an iconic way. I wanted to make it readable and recognizable. Also, geometrical elements should have been a part of a brand look.









During the sketching, basic ideas are born. During this part of the logo development, I have explored a lot of different versions which wouldn’t work. It’s a great way to reject particular type ideas.








Rejected versions

Logo design is a process where a lot of different ideas are rejected during the development of the real representation of the brand which meets clients expectations. 



Logo development

Development is a process during which the final version of the logo is defined and set in stone. Here you can see a couple of examples how this particular logo came to be. 



Final version

Logotype represents a flower together with a letter “E” of the brand name “Emotive”. It includes clean and sharp geometrical shapes and was exactly what client was looking for.