Surveybee is a website which helps to earn rewards by giving opinions. It’s a site where one can subscribe for multiple survey sites. The design was based on the target group beeing between 16 to 35, playfull and trustworthy. The name and the logo design was created in the combination of the bee (sybmol of productivity and effectiveness) and the survey field with the pen.


Story telling about co-founders

It’s a powerful tool to tell a story how the company was founded through the compelling imaginary. 




Playful layout

Every part of the website creates a unique experience for the user, either it’s about us page, blog, content page or FAQ page. 


Focus on lead-generation

Generating leads for any company is an important part of a design decision that designer has to take. How to guide the user in a way that they feel appreciated and companies retain customers is always a challenge. Micro landing pages helps to create this two side useful experience. 





Logo design

Survey bee logotype consists of two elements: bee, which is ready to make a mark with string & a survey cell with the pen. Both of these elements combines the logo name an idea behind. Surveybee text is based on the font, called Museo Sans Rounded 700. This particular font gives that extra roundness and smooth touch to the name and identity itself. 



Easy overview and full width image experience inside the post creates a look which is pleasant and appealing.